Overcoming Hair loss in a natural way

Hair is one of the crown for every person, especially to women that beautiful hair adds to the confidence in him. Therefore there is a problem that is often hair loss, it makes a lot of people are frustrated to overcome this hair loss. Today I will share tips about cope with your hair that often fall in a natural way.

In general, there are plenty of salon treatments to prevent hair loss, but these treatments tend to use chemicals or drugs when we're not fit with these medications instead of our hair to be beautiful but can damage our hair is more severe. so we need to be careful in selecting drugs and care for our hair to avoid hair loss

Here's how to cope with hair loss naturally:

1. Use of essential oils
Using essential miyak such as lavender, basil, nettle and lemon. Apply a few drops of essential oil have been one earlier by using a pipette on our scalp. Massage gently on the entire section of hair and scalp, then leave overnight. In the morning, we just wash and rinse until clean.
2. Massage the scalp regularly
Substandard blood circulation in the scalp area is one of the factors that cause hair loss. Because no blood supply in the rough areas of the scalp, hair follicles do not acquire nourishments to the maximum to make the hair become stronger. As a result the volume of your hair growth is not maximal. One way to facilitate optimal blood flow is by massaging the scalp skin of your head every day. This can be said is one of the cheapest and easiest way to expedite the flow of blood in the scalp area sakaligus can help your hair growth.

3. Exempt Hair Sleep
Forget to torture your hair while you sleep. No more reason to forget to remove the hair tie, braid hair, or forget to wash your hair full of spray hair spray after you come home from a party. Your hair should be free from torture as long as you fall asleep. This will avoid the pull that makes your hair more brittle when asleep. Hair spray residue is left behind also potentially damage your hair.

4. Scalp Massage
Scalp hair is the home for you. Healthy house will produce a healthy occupants. Therefore, always keep your health by massaging the scalp gently when shampooing. It would be better if you are diligent in wearing a hair tonic. In addition to preventing hair loss, you give a massage on the scalp will trigger the flow of blood in the scalp and makes hair easier to absorb nutrients from within.

5. Avoid Tying Hair
The temperature of your body heat because exposure to sunlight or a stuffy room? You will be tempted to tie your hair to lower body temperature. It's okay, but not too often. Pull in the same region will accelerate the process of baldness in your hair. It must be terrible if you go bald so.

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