How to remove burn scars

Burns will usually imprint on our skin and make our skin become visible is not beautiful and seemed dirty. So much effort was made ​​to remove the stick burns our body especially the women who always keep the softness of her skin. Therefore, I will share about how to remove burn scars on our bodies, let us refer to below.

Actually there are several ways you can do to eliminate the former is one of them by using drugs from the doctor, but if we do not fit with these medications can make our skin does not disappear from the burns but was getting corrupted. Therefore, I share some tips below to remove the scar and burn our skin naturally:

1. oil Sumbawa
you simply apply this oil gets your scars

2. Water Wood Fire
Wood fuel is burned with fire so that it will release water where the water can you apply to your scar bakaar

3. oil Lizard
Simply put this lizard oil kebekas your wound, but it smells very nice guns. To prevent bad odor these guns you can use toothpaste

4. garlic
How, by rubbing garlic that has been shelled in the scar area twice daily after showering

5. pare
Tumbuklah pare and then taken sarinya.Campur juice from grated pare earlier with rice flour so that pasta is shaped like

Thus informasidari me on how to remove burn scars attached to our body naturally, if you have a scar like this done as soon as I informed the above tips. Good luck and good luck

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