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Christmas has arrived a minute, where in the month of December is certainly every Christian people throughout the world to prepare for this Christmas Day with various activities, such as decorating the Christmas tree and decorate his house with Christmas knick-knacks. In addition we can also share the love with the brother nor the people around us to share a special Christmas greeting, one of which is to send a Christmas poem to each of our relatives.

Through poetry we can share Christmas love and forge a closer relationship with all members of our family and our friends. Besides Christmas poem also you can use while filling event in celebration of Christmas by reading the poem. Many things that can be done in this peaceful day, without lengthy again please see some examples of the following poems:

Provided that Jesus' Together We

It's okay Dad When Christmas time I wore a long dress I will still be more glamorous than the light tree Because the joy of my heart glow It's okay Mama The old shoes are still beautiful to look at Stars hope remains guided Led me to believe with the heart steady There is no delicious cakes and ribboned gift It's not why Papa loved Mama Provided that Jesus is with us O how beautiful our lives

Concerned Heart Children
Papa, Why put up the tree in our homes? Why do we put the cotton like snow? Why is Daddy dressed like Santa Claus? Why do we not make a cage? Why do we not Make a manger? Why we do not present the sheep? Papa said, The Savior was born not in the tree light Moreover, decorated with snow Even without the presence of Santa Claus Then, whom we celebrate Christmas?

Stay light that

The sayings and songs of Christmas is over Christmas joy is gone with the angels ascended to Heaven, Wise men returned to the East. But the light that ever shone in a manger Still illuminate the world from a distance, And a heart of flesh still listen to the song of the angels And the wise men still follow a star

So some examples of Christmas poems that you can use and distribute, hopefully through this post may bless you all. Happy Christmas and let the peace of Christ meet every human being on earth. Amen

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