How to overcome depression naturally

Today we find many people feel stressed and depresiketika face life began is uncertain. But still many people also do not realize that he was experiencing mild depression, one of the symptoms are easy to find from people affected by depression is difficult to sleep and hard to be able to concentrate on what he has done so very difficult to do perkerjaannya optimally.

Symptoms of depression such as this needs to be in the tackle so that no problem is worse for our bodies. Usually the symptoms of depression is found for every person who has entered the working world who feel tired with his work or the person being broken up. Thus comes the symptoms of depression such as this. Therefore, I have a few minor tips to prevent and overcome your depression symptoms in a natural way without harming your body. See some tips below:

1. Sport
Exercise can relieve depression, appears to work by affecting the expenditure of brain chemicals that regulate mood, namely norepinephrine and serotonin. Exercise also releases endorphins which can lead to feelings such as 'floating' on a few athletes runners.

2. Have a Diary or Diary
Research has shown that therapies that teach you how positive thinking can relieve depression. Dr. Doraiswamy recommends that mood diary.
"This is a tool used to train someone to track the positive things happening in her life and not let negative events caused it to fall," says Dr. Doraiswamy.
The diary will keep the mood remained negative events in the perspective of a reasonable and also serves as a reminder that the days of good can happen.
3. Try to be positive
to keep a positive attitude-remember that creating a better feeling that takes time, and your feelings will get better little by little. You can also use a cognitive approach to therapy according to your personal method.
4. Enough Sleep
If you have trouble sleeping problems do the following things: Go to bed every night at the same hour, more importantly, get up at the same time every morning. Keep your bedroom comfortable and fuss-free sound, Do not beroleharaga after at 17.00 pm, Avoid caffeinated beverages after 17:00 pm and avoid the use of sleeping pills or alcohol because it will make your sleep disturbed and can affect depression medications you use.

5. Fish oil
Foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, including salmon, albacore tuna, and herring. The study of fish oil can not be inferred, but it is expected that a deficiency of these fatty acids at any given time can cause mood swings and depression. In areas where the consumption of foods with omega-3 is high, the residents tend to have lower levels of depression.

6. Light therapy
On cloudy days in winter, some people prone to mild depression called seasonal affective disorder or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
One way to relieve symptoms is with light therapy, which sits next to a box with a bright light like the light in luar.Terapi is usually performed for about 15 minutes and increase to two hours every day.

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