Praha, Czech Republic

PRAHA is the capital of the Czech Republic. This city can be temperature to 0 degrees Celsius in December, but snow can not always predictable. Very festive Christmas celebration here, make sure your year-end holidays more memorable.

PRAHA, is basically a beautiful city because the buildings are old-style Neo-Baroque, Neo-Gothic and art nouveau. Throughout December, Prague Christmas markets are held in the old town and Wenceslas field decorated so as to make this city more beautiful. In this Christmas market stalls are illuminated wooden lamps wide trade of traditional Czech products, ranging from crafts to food specialties made from corn, sausage, or other. Not to forget all these drinks warm or Czech-style beer and wine.

Prague community does not forget the essence of Christmas shopping with just thinking about it. Christmas Market in Prague is also found their Bethlehem scene depicting Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Not to forget for further thicken the nuances of a large Christmas tree was set up which was beautifully decorated and brightly lit, in contrast with the night sky is so dark. Enliven the celebrations, school children gathered and sang Christmas-themed songs for the visitors enjoyed.
An alternative way to celebrate the New Year while enjoying the city of Prague is a boarding party on the river Vltava, in the center of Prague. Held every December 31 since the last few years, the party lasts approximately 5 hours long, starting at 21.00. Do not forget to order advance tickets to follow this short cruise, and there is no specific dress code to be able to participate. The party consisted of dinner, drinks, and dancing. While the city skyline as seen from the ship including Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Prague parliament building, and much more.

Beyond special events Christmas and New Year celebrations, many of Prague's charm you can enjoy. The house is one of them dancing. Glimpse of a tall building that looks like this is actually about to collapse Nationale-Nederlanden building in downtown. The building that was completed in 1996 although this could cause controversy existence is supported by the Czech president at that time to be a center of cultural activity.

If it is too cold in the open air, it may be time you visit the National Museum located in Field area Wanceslas. It is the largest and oldest museums in the Czech Republic, and is sometimes used to hold concerts of classical music. Some things that are permanently exhibited in this museum is a collection of zoological, anthropology, mineralogy, petrology, paleontology, and history of Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia.

How, you are ready to spend the holidays later this year to Prague with a beloved family?

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