High cholesterol foods you need to know

Usually good food often contains high cholesterol. If we know that cholesterol is a white substance that can be found in the human body cells. When viewed from the function itself cholesterol is useful to form hormones and vitamin D in our body. But when we consume too much cholesterol is also good for our bodies. Therefore, you all need to know some foods that contain high cholesterol.

In order to maintain a healthy body, we need to keep the pattern of food and type of food will we eat. If we do not understand and know what types of foods that contain high cholesterol or not it is sufficient harmful to our bodies, because the more we consume cholesterol can cause heart and blood vessel disease.

Here are some foods that need your attention and divided based on levels of cholesterol contained therein:

Once you know the type of foods that contain high cholesterol, preferably before you choose the type of food consumption will be no more good you see the table above in advance so as not every day consume high cholesterol

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