Lung cancer and how to treat it

If we know a disease that until now practically every human being is a deadly cancer disease. one disease that I will discuss here is a cancer of the lungs that can be said is a very dangerous disease and is also a life-threatening when not treated promptly and averted.But over all are merely the will of God that governs all human life on this earth.

There are several types of cancer but the disease can be said that lung cancer is classified as a highly lethal. Lung cancer is a form of very rapid development of cells (abnormal) in lung tissue caused by changes in tissue form cells or the expansion of the cells themselves. If we know the disease cancer patients mostly suffered by those who are addicted to cigarettes
So you can see the signs of lung cancer you can see some of the signs below:

1. Old coughing in people smoking
2. Difficulty breathing (shortness of breath)
3. Coughing blood (albeit small amounts)
4. Frequent lung infections (pneumonia or bronchitis)
5. The presence of chest pain, shoulder and the back
6. The sound has changed from the usual
7. Cough more than 2 weeks in people who do not smoke
8. Others such as difficulty swallowing, neck and face look swell, decreased appetite, weight loss, tired or weak.

Once you see some signs of the above do not stay silent if you experience it, but it immediately to see some tips Handling and Treatment of Cancer Lung Diseases:

• Actions lift surgery cancer cells
• Actions of Radiation Therapy
• Action Therapy Kemotherapy
• injection {Photodynamic Action (PTD)}
Providing Nutrition and supplements can reduce symptoms caused by lung cancer. Vitamin D and Fe are very good to be administered by patients with lung cancer, Similarly, antioxidant foods like blueberries, cherri, and tomatoes.

Such explanations and information from me about lung cancer, hopefully through the information above can help you acquire all this knowledge so that everyone is not kehilanggan menguranggi life because of lung cancer

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