How to fatten weight

Basically every human being on earth wants to have the body that ideal.Namun often times there are people who feel that their body is too small or thin, so do not feel confident because of fear of diseased or less exactly as it then on the gizi.therefor, I will share with you all tips on how to fatten on weight naturally and easy to work with you all when we want to try and give it a try.

If you see someone whose body is too thin is also very good guns, because we are susceptible to disease and you will feel less powerful when it wants to lift items that are too berat.dari to you a headache thinking about your weight, we pay more fattening weight loss tips below:

1. Sport
With exercise the body will be healthy, so the body will function better. Try at least one week in sports at least once. With a form of exercise that can make you sweat at least.
2. Drinking milk
Milk can also be a healthy addition to fatten your body, especially full cream milk. It is advisable to drink full cream milk type two times a day.
3. Chew food
When the food in your mouth then chew until smooth. This is done to facilitate the stomach. Moreover, eat-foods that are difficult to digest. Because besides the mouth no more teeth in forging tlain.
4. Eat regularly
Every day eat regularly. Always have breakfast in the morning, lunch then dinner time. And interspersed among them can be certain foods.
5. Type of food
Type of food you eat customize to your activity. If you are a man of many moves so eat that contains carbohydrates or fats. Because if the excess, then the carbohydrate and fat will be backfilled. Unlike the proteins that the body will not be stockpiled.
6. Enough sleep.
Our bodies need a minimum of 8 hours for rest. Always try to nap.
7. Reduce smoking and staying up late.
If you smoke, then reduce it, and if you often stay up then get rid of the habit.
8. If possible, the consumption of egg whites once a day.
9. Check your health
If you have fat and skinny then try to check your health. If it were not for the disease then at least with tips on how to quickly fatten your body is already there are changes within a month.

So tips on how to fatten a natural.lets to try your body and see the results after a few months you practice it you will definitely see results where your weight has increased

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