how to treat facial acne

Often times the face is the most sensitive and most were treated by every human being especially if it appears acne facial section, it is becoming a problem for them because when it starts up acne on your face can ruin the appearance kita. therefore, I will share tips on caring for facial acne. Although the presence of acne would not be harmful to health, but this can be embarrassing too painful for some people and therefore need to be overcome by knowing facial acne care tips as well.

How to remove acne does need to be considered in order to restore beauty to your face. So we need a control teratur.Wajah beautiful become every woman's dream. Therefore we need to care for the face and know how to fix the problem yana is in your face.

Therefore, let us take care of your face well, with a look at some of the tips below:

1. Diligent washing the face. But do not wash my face. Wash the neck and forehead are also at least 2 times a week. Massage your face with circular movements and wash using warm water.

2. Add the acne drug. You may have to try several medications before finding the product that matches the facial skin. Usually the product is marketed with packaging and pricing berfariasi. Remember! Expensive does not guarantee the product is suitable and can solve your acne problem.

3. Be careful with the use of beauty products. Only use make-up, moisturizer or sunscreen just that without oil. Usually if it is written "nonacnegenic" or "noncomedogenic" on the label description, the product is better.

4. When wearing the product for hair, try not to hit to the face. Cover your face with a towel while using hair oil, hair spray or mousse. When finished bathing, do not forget to re-rinse your face to eliminate the possibility of former shampoo or conditioner left on the face.

5. Do not let sweat, bacteria and dirt stuck to the face. tie your hair when heat and avoid wearing hats and glasses.

6. You should try to find a doctor. acne skin if you start to affect your confidence. Doctors can advise the best medicine and how to use the most efektik.

7. Change your diet. Eating chocolate, sweets and greasy food can change the gesture of your skin. Limit your intake of junk food, get more vitamins and change your lifestyle to be more healthy. regular sleep, and do not let your body dehydrate.

Make sure your face is clean and protected from acne after studying and reading the seven tips that I share above. Hopefully information on treating facial acne avoid this helps all of you who are looking for information about this

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