Cholesterol Lowering Food and Beverage

One of the diseases suffered by many people are exposed to high cholesterol.cholesterol can occur due to lack of maintaining a healthy diet and bergizi.Karena no doubt some kind of delicious foods that are considered typically contain many kolesterol.Therefore, I will share information about the type of cholesterol-lowering foods & beverages that may be useful for you all.

Before we get into some kind of food that can help lower your cholesterol the better we'll see some of the tips below can help you in lowering your cholesterol. let us consider the following:

• Avoid or reduce foods and beverages greasy, fatty, and high cholesterol.
Example: offal, crabs, shrimp, shellfish, nuts, meat, milk, oil, margarine, chocolate, and sugar.
• Sports
According to Prof. Dr. Walujo S. Soerjodibroto, Ph.D., professor of Faculty of Medicine - Department of Nutritional Sciences, the human body is very difficult to remove cholesterol. Cholesterol does not accumulate so that it must be removed forcibly. The trick with lots of physical activity.
Do exercise regularly at least 20 minutes each day.
• Increase consumption of foods and beverages that can lower cholesterol levels.
All fruits and vegetables contain fiber. So, all fruits and vegetables are also capable of lowering cholesterol. Fiber can bind cholesterol so it does not circulate in the blood. While vitamin C to balance homeostasis regulator aka kolesterol.Yang keep in mind, vegetables rich in vitamin C is quite soft-boiled. When cooked, the vitamins hilang.Jika vegetables or fruits are made into juice, drink it with the waste, because waste is a source of fiber that can lower cholesterol levels.

Once you know some tips on lowering cholesterol above, you are certainly obliged to consume some foods that help lower your cholesterol. And the following types of food:

GARLIC - Consumption of garlic and a half to one clove a day continuously for one month can lower cholesterol as much as 9%. Please note the dose is correct! If too much, not good for health. Consuming more than three cloves per day can cause diarrhea, gas, obstruction, and fever. It could even bring up stomach bleeding.
TEMPE - Even from the clump of nuts, tempeh is very potent in lowering cholesterol. Tempe contain niacin can lower cholesterol. Tempe contain niacin 5 x more than soybeans. In addition it also contains isoflavones that have been proven to lower cholesterol.
• WINE - In addition to fiber, in grapes, there is also a very good substance catechin in lowering cholesterol.
• Avocado / Avocado - During these avocados are rich in fat. No wonder if the fruit is always shunned when cholesterol is high, but avocados are excellent for lowering cholesterol. This fruit contains unsaturated fatty acids that are good for lowering bad cholesterol.
• Blueberry - Fruit blueberries may be used as one of alternative medicine in lowering cholesterol in our bodies. Because the study conducted by experts in the United States by using rodents provide satisfactory results in lowering cholesterol.
• TEA - According to studies, EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which is the most dominant bioactive components in tea shown to prevent the acceleration of the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). This means that by consuming tea every day in a reasonable amount, the risk of blood clots causing heart disease can be reduced.

So that I can share information on various matters relating to other types of cholesterol between cholesterol-lowering food & beverages as well as some tips on his juga.Semoga above information can help you all in restoring health and your health information are also increasingly propagated

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