Tips on managing their finances wisely Families

A family that we are building other than love and affection to one more thing to consider in maintaining the integrity of the family. One is the financial situation within the family, as often happens in a family quarrel because of very poor financial condition that disrupt the course in meeting their daily needs. Therefore we need to set our family finances wisely so as not experiencing shortages. Especially for the wives need to pay attention to this because it is usually a wife who diserahin to regulate the money monthly.

Actually not a matter of how much money that was obtained during the month to guarantee the family's needs can be met but rather how we can wisely manage the expenditure and receipts in a balanced and prudent in spending our money. Because often times if we do not have good financial menejeman in our family, this could be a problem in the midst of our families.
Therefore, the following tips our family finances wisely:

1. Discipline in financial planning.
Discipline is an important point in how to manage family finances. Because even as good as any financial planning, will still conceded if not disciplined in running it. Make plans mature.
Decide who will be giving a major family income. Is it just rely on the husband's income?
If so, how to manage family finances should be tailored to the husband's income. Or if the husband and wife both work and income, can also regulate how the family finances by dividing it into 2 principal.
For example, earnings wife for household expenses such as paid domestic electricity, water, telephone, groceries, and so on. While the husband's income is used more on the cost of investment such as buying a house, vehicles, children's education. Can also be done otherwise. This should be discussed within the family.

2. Arrange the financial plan or budget.
Realistic financial plan that helps you be objective about excessive spending. No need is too ideal, so forget your own needs. No harm in entering need to go to a salon, spa or clubbing. Importantly, the budget a number of realistic and you also must comply with the budget.

3. Think more carefully the notion of "need" and "want".
Quite often we spend money for something that is not too important, or just driven the desire, not necessity. Make a list of tables consisting of columns for shopping items, needs and desires. After filling the column item shopping, fill the "needs" and "desire" with a check mark (V). From here consider a more mature, thing or things you need to buy / fill or not.

4. Save, save, save.
Change habits and thought patterns. Immediately after receiving a salary, set aside for savings in the amount you had planned on purpose or goal of your family financially. Instead, you have a separate account for savings and daily necessities.

5. Avoid debt.
The temptation to live in the greater consumptive. But that does not mean you easily purchase various items on credit. Grow a healthy financial habits starting from simple, as no consumer debt.

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