How to educate children aged under five correctly

A child is the fruit of a mother and father. So if you have a child who must make the best for your child. One thing to note is the matter of early education that we need to teach our children. Both the character and other sciences into useful stock for our future children after she became great.

Because the education of parents is very important for our children, because what we teach them is to determine how our children behave and act later he stepped in later adulthood. Because often times we see a lot of parents do not pay attention to early education for their children, so do not blame a child for any future adult perlakunya slightly distorted and not according to what we expect.

Here are some tips on how to educate our children properly and make our kids have a good personality:

1.Approach the child, understand his character

Parents who are both trying to understand the character of his son. There are children who from the beginning of the character shy, cheerful. Introvert, extrovert or confident. Should treat them in accordance with his character, and do not force children to undergo another character. Or make him do something he has not felt ready.
For example forcing a shy child to progress to the stage, while he was not ready. Parents and teachers can only be prepared mentally, but that fight mentally prepare for it is the children themselves. Instead of 'fighting' with the kids backstage. Better to give him time to manage feelings. On another occasion, he might be more daring. If forced, children can be overwhelmed and stressed.

Time and energy you gave was wasted. To understand children, you certainly must be close to them. And to set yourself up as close as to be a place to vent also need tricks. If the child is in trouble, give a sense of empathy and concern. Show that you care and want him back cheerfully. If the characters do not force your child covered him to immediately tell the problem to the point.
Children have even more silent. Move closer little by little, with whom he talked from the heart to heart, from there you can go into principal masalnya. Although busy, be an active listener.
Do not pretend to listen when they are not and it still works. Divert concentration to him or seek to delay the talks shortly.

2.Advantage of every opportunity

If you are a working parent, then the smart use limited opportunities to communicate with your child as effectively as possible. Jokes, try to get pembicaaan that 'contain'. For example, take the child with a casual chat about various things when you take him to school. Also use the opportunity to instill positive values ​​when you accompany him to watch television. Inviting discussion always begins with questions that make him unique danmungkin amused. Missal. "Son, why yes man is sometimes sick? What are germs that can also hurt you? "


Children are imitators accomplished, so be careful in behaving and running habits.
Golden-age children (0-5 years) have a very strong memory, so whatever you do could be its capital in behave in adulthood.
He learned to act through his observations on the behavior of their parents.
So berperilakulah good and avoid dirty words, because what we say and we do a capital for our children to behave and say.

3.Express affection
Every parent would love their children, and vice versa. But not infrequently the parents thought it was not important.
In fact, getting the love is the right of every child. Included in verbal form. Like 'mama love you'. It had a great impact to the child.
Feeling cared for and loved. So that children have a deep emotional attachment to parents of children also have a feeling smooth, soft and full of compassion for others.
Expression of affection with love sayings. Caress hugs and kisses at every opportunity.


If children from childhood accustomed to discipline, then he will be a regular person as an adult. Apply ranging from small things. brush teeth, wash your feet, make the bed after waking up, very good to get their lives more regularly as an adult. Apply discipline consistently. If the child melalaikannya, not hurt you to give sanctions. No need her angry, even good if you and your child do with a laugh. Provide didactic sanctions, such as telling her to do chores and keep in mind. Do not give penalties in his first few omissions. Give if a child repeatedly make the same mistake.

Hopefully you noticed the above information can help in educating your child properly. so that one day your child can grow up to be good and dutiful to parents

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