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Healthy Menus iftar.Before entering the day of Eid people a month-long Islamic religious worshipers, for fasting.During Lent, we must be able to maintain health by regulating the type of food we konsumsi.Salah them is healthy iftar menu this we need to know, because often many people when breaking the fast immediately eat without thinking about the type of food in this konsumsi. I will share about healthy iftar menu for you all.

Often each of us when it will break the fast immediately consume food berlebihan.Sebenarnya this is not recommended because it can interfere with digestion so that it can cause ulcer disease maag.Selain attack the wrong way when the consumption of fast-breaking attacks can also cause high cholesterol.

Therefore when we fast we should apply a healthy life with attention to diet that we consume, because things like this will keep our stamina to keep fit even on an empty stomach.

Here are various things to consider when breaking the fast:
- Drink a natural sweetness without sugar. Coconut water, fruit juice, melon or watermelon and other fruits. Avoid refined sugar because it will cause the yo-yo effect on the scales later in the day of Raya, and the impact of poor health
- Complex carbohydrates would be better plus the food is not fried. White rice, and fried foods will make a sleepy time tarawih. Fried blood oxygen binding to 20%
- After breaking the fast, consume more water. Try to start fasting until sleep for at least 1 liter of water entry.

And here are healthy iftar menu that you can practice:
- Brown rice with chicken satay, banana
- Brown rice with chicken soup, citrus fruit
- Spaghetti with tuna sauce and fruit salad.

Thus the information from me about fasting healthy menu that you can you worship praktekan.Karena for smooth fast we need to maintain the condition of our bodies by eating healthy and nutritious food

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