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Facebook messenger. new Facebook application that currently many people are interested massaanger.A chat application that can be installed for the IOS and the android. This application in addition to the chat can also be used to send SMS via WiFi networks 3G.Pastinya atupun you already have an account on fb interested Facebook messenger application is to be installed on your Mobile? Let's look further below

Facebook messenger application to get a very good reception for the facebookers, because until now has reached 500 thousand people who download this application for their use. In addition to easily install this application is very quick also to download the Facebook Messenger with only a matter of seconds we can obtain this application.

In addition to SMS and chat, this application is also equipped with features Because the location of users can share their location with friends chatting. And the way easily enough by simply pressing the directional arrows on the right messages to be sent, to turn it off just press once again.

One advantage of this is facebook Messenger allows users to always receive notification messages in real time.besides it can set your own schedule according to the willingness of users, can be every hour or a certain time. So it can provide convenience for the users facebook Messenger.

If you are curious about the Facebook messenger applications, what are you waiting? Just download this application and immediately installed directly into the gadgets you have.Happy to try and enjoy every excess.

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