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Google+ | Google Plus.After facebook success with networking sites socialnya this time comes the a new network which was launched by google called google+. Surely this will be one of the great rivals fb because newly opened aja spirit of the public to join google plus very large. So since the date of Monday (07.04.2011) has been opened.

If you want to register or Sing up in google + you can immediately wrote visiting and if you already have in your Gmail akunt all direct bias plus.Namun logged in on google if you do not already have an account you bias it do you sing up so that the bias to become a member on this new social networking

But based on news sources that I get google + has 4 features that are going to be their mainstay for competition among fellow social networking sites, and here it is its features:

First, Circles. This function can be used to insert the names of friends into groups and users can share content with different formats in this circle of friends.

Second, Hangouts. This is a conferencing service is more than two people with a video call.

Third, Huddle. This service provides the groups in this network to send instant messages.

Fourth, Sparks. This feature connects the individuals in this network to people who have the same interests towards something.

How? very good google+ social networking sites that have been released by google ini.Dont't you Just curious, you are visitng immediately wrote her site and immediately to join and enjoy the functions of this site

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