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BlackBerry Playbook. One of the latest BB probduk form of a tablet PC is a 7 inc in Indonesia has launched the BlackBerry Playbook which is priced at the range of 4.9 juta.Pastinya with the advent of this playbook to Indonesia going to add thrill of competition tablet PC that is currently popular in Indonesia. Let's look at prices and specifications PlayBook.

Based on the information I have obtained that the playbook will be released BB with 3 variants masing2 have different prices. ie version 16 Giga priced 4.9 million, 32 gigabytes at a price of 5.9 million and also variants with 64 giga 6.9 juta.Pastinya price you can buy it all to fit your needs masing2.

It is planned that the blackberry playbook is going to be started can be purchased on July 16, besok.namun for all of you can start order it since Thursday 7 July yesterday, if our own playbook of the ability of BB going to be a serious competitor IPAD 2 as seen from the specifications of the screen capacitive touch and LCD have Playbook 7 inch WSVGA 1024 x 600 resolution.

Instead of your curiosity immediately wrote Buy 1 and immediately enjoy the sophistication of blackberry playbook that can meet your needs where the growing demands of this era that you all keep up with today's technology

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