Type of food lowering high blood pressure or Hypertension

One of the dangerous disease and can menyebabpkan terkenanya mortality is high blood pressure or hypertension, some people in this world who are usually affected by this disease because of too many minds, and also one in consuming foods that are harmful to their bodies. For example, consume too much alcohol. But this time I will share with you all about some foods that can help lower your blood pressure. Because most people want to lower high blood by taking medications that can bring the other effects in our bodies. But we want to try menyebuhkannya in a natural way.

Do not ever take for granted with this hypertension, because if not immediately addressed could be fatal for our bodies, one of which can lead to diseases other than stroke are also experiencing death because of this high blood pressure. If today you have hypertension and wants to heal and lower your blood pressure naturally, eat some food on a regular basis following

1. Banana
Bananas are not the only source of potassium, but also helps stabilize blood pressure. Try to eat at least one banana every day.

2. Bean
Such as bananas, beans also contain potassium, which can reduce blood pressure.

3. Spinach
Spinach is an excellent source of magnesium. Not only protects you from heart disease, but also can reduce blood pressure. In addition, the folate content in spinach may protect the body from homocysteine ​​which makes harmful chemicals. Research has shown that high levels of amino acid (homocysteine) can cause heart attacks and strokes.

4. Potato
Potatoes are also good for lowering blood pressure, provided that if cooked properly. Do not fry and avoid adding butter or cheese in processed potatoes will be consumed.

5. Soybean
You are also advised to consume lots of soy foods. Soybeans contain isoflavones that are important for lowering blood pressure.

6. Fish
Enjoy as many fish as you like, assuming that is presented in a healthy way. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids are potent blood pressure lowering.

7. Avocado
Oleic acid in avocado can help reduce cholesterol. In addition, the content of potassium and folic acid, is essential for heart health.

8. Nuts
Nuts, such as peanuts, almonds, red beans contain magnesium and potassium. Potassium is known to be quite effective in lowering high blood pressure.

9. Sunflower seeds
Maybe you know him better as the watermelon seeds. The content is very high magnesiumnya and sunflower seeds contain phytosterols, which can reduce cholesterol levels in the body. High cholesterol is a precursor to high blood pressure, because it can cause blockage of blood vessels. But, make sure you eat fresh watermelon seeds are not given the salt.

Once you see some kind of food above, make sure you start taking one of the foods on a regular basis and feel the changes to your body and do not forget to always check your blood pressure is also a doctor and consult with your personal physician

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