ways of being in a job interview

After we finished graduate education course in the world our next goal is to enter into the world of work. Because during our college we've got a plan will work in accordance with the direction that we have taken. But when we are going to apply for a job to subuah company is not easy to be accepted at the company. Rather we need to follow the selection phase. One selection is the usual job interview test is selected and the final part is determining whether or not we are accepted in the company that we are applying.

Therefore we need to know about success tips in a job interview take a test so we can be accepted within the company. Because most people who apply for work partially fails or is not accepted because it did not pass the test to follow this interview. Therefore we need to be careful in dealing with job interviews. Here are some tips you can consider:

1. Tell us about yourself
Erina Collins, a recruitment agency in Los Angeles stating there is often a surprising difference between when we read the proposal when confronted with someone with the applicant. "Experience has shown, a cover letter that optimism does not necessarily indicate that the suitors as well as optimism," says Erina. When the interviewer asks a simple thing like "In your eyes, who are you?" Or "Tell me something about you", many applicants with the interviewer looked confused and then immediately become insecure.
"I feel mediocre" or "not much I can tell you about myself" is often the answer selected applicants as a humble effort. During this time many conventional career articles which suggest that you should humble yourself as much as possible, in an attempt to steal the hearts of the interviewer. "But this modern era. The answer is too humble and much stale-stale just shows that you are actually not sure of yourself. And companies today do not need employees like that, "said Erina.

2. Beware trick question
In the interview, the interviewer always attempt to extract as much as possible about the applicant's personality. Sometimes trivial questions such as "I have a girlfriend? No intention to marry in the near future? "Is often taken hurriedly by the applicant to answer such as" Already, we plan to be married later this year. "In fact, according to Erina, the answer could be the cover of your employment opportunities. "Companies always want to be assured that prospective employees will only focus on their work, especially in the early years of service. The answer that you will be getting married soon show that the company's focus is not the real you, but only as a distraction, "said Erina said, adding that it would be better if you answer" already, but really I want to have enough work experience before deciding to get married. "

3. Spirit and body language
In job interviews, appearance is not number one but being a supporter that will determine. Therefore in addition to well-dressed, not sexy, flashy or many knacks, show good body language. Never folded his arms across his chest at the interview, because it gives the impression that you are a rigid and defensive. Ideally, the hands are left free to express your words, of course in moderation.

During the interview, make eye contact is intense. Applicants who often make eye contact demonstrates a willingness to trust and sincerity to give an answer. Relax and smile occasionally to show that you personally are warm. Generally, companies prefer applicants who are fun.

Thus the information from me about the job interview, make sure you all understand what I've distributed over so that when you apply for a job interview and take a test you can pass through the selection. Good luck and good luck to work in companies that you have dreamed of

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