Tips on preparing for marriage

Every human being on earth must have wanted to live married or married with spouse loves. Marriage in our lives because they occur only once, so we must prepare for the wedding is very mature. Many things we need to prepare prior to the marriage both physically and spiritually. Therefore, today I will share tips on what you need to think and prepare before heading to the wedding.

there are wedding preparations that you can not represent to others. At least for four of the following:

1. Mental Preparation: In thought we should have grown up and not be selfish
2. Preparation of science: It has the ability to settle down to learn from many people and the environment
3. Physical Preparation: Having a good health condition and can be mutually accepted by our partners
4. Financial Preparation: In finance is sufficient to build a family and the family has preserved

While there are some preparations you should know anyway if you want this time held a wedding reception, For at least one year before you have to plan and prepare the necessary things on your wedding day is. And following a year of planning before you can consider:

6-12 Months Before D-Day
1. Set the day and the wedding date
2. Determine your budget and desired style of wedding
3. Determine the number of guests who will be invited
4. Reserve a seat for the reception
5. Create a guest list
6. Specify the maid of a woman, groomsmen and bridesmaids, maid of other
7. Meet and visit the designers, find and select the wedding dress
8. Choose and book catering
9. Decide on honeymoon destination, do the reservations and transportation

4-5 Months Before D-Day
1. Complete the guest list
2. Contact priest / pastor, specify the time and place of blessing
3. Select and order invitations
4. Determine the theme color of the dress to be worn and flowers decoration
5. Tell Mom and prospective in-laws so that they are planning a dress that will be charged in accordance with the selected color theme
6. Select and buy / rent dresses for bridesmaids
7. Choose a suit for the groom and his retinue
8. Select and set decoration wedding / party room
9. Select and contact the photographer, both for the studio, and video coverage
10. Select and order bridal vehicle and the committee
11. Select and order wedding cake
12. Booking MC and music accompaniment
13. Messages wedding ring

2-3 Months Before D-Day
1. Take the marriage registration form, and prepare the necessary documents
2. Perform pre-marital health checks
3. Confirm honeymoon (for a passport if necessary)
4. Contact the designer for the dress fitting
6-8 Weeks Before Day-H
1. Write and arrange delivery of the invitation
2. Finish the meal with the catering menu
3. Messages wine for reception if desired
4. Prepare gifts for the bridesmaids
5. Visit the hairdresser, decide the desired model. Booking for the wedding day.
6. Do a test make-up
7. Determine the musical accompaniment of marriage, consult with MC and music player
4-5 Weeks Before Day-H
1. Send the invitation card
2. Take orders wedding ring, make sure the correct initials engraved
3. Message travelers checks / foreign currency for honeymoon
2-3 Weeks Before Day-H
1. Arrange the schedule of the wedding, double it and give each one: a family wedding, the bridesmaids, the organizers, drivers, staff photos and videos
2. Confirm the number of invitations and other things you want to board the building and catering
3. Confirm all orders and detail to interest, rental cars, photographers, decorations, cakes, cars, and other music players.
4. Trying wedding dress complete with accessories.
5. Check the size, comfort and the other, if there is to be perfected. Get used to using a shoe to be used on the wedding day to feel more comfortable
6. Prepare the items to be brought into a new home
7. Do facials and scrubs to the experts.

1 Week Before D-Day
1. Relax, make sure everything will be fine
2. Packing for the honeymoon, complete and buying needs that arise later
3. Confirm once more all the orders that have been done, just to remind

Such tips from me about some things you need to prepare before marriage. Hopefully the above tips helpful for you all and make your day becomes more beautiful because we will feel happy when our wedding run smooth without any constraint

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