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What is fb is one of the social networking world's most famous and popular with many orang.karena use facebook every person around the world can communicate easily with each other, although limited by distance. Therefore if you are still curious about what is fb, we refer again below.

Surely you will better understand and know whether it's Facebook, you can directly register at www.facebook.com.with fb account because it follows from this little tutorial on how to make facebook :

1. go to www.facebook.com address then there will get a display like below, and to facilitate please change the language into Indonesian in the left column below are written in Indonesian and click on it and will tampilanya

2. as follows
3. Later the contents of the column name:
4. Last name
5. Your Email
6. Enter your email re
7. New password (enter your password to login later)
8. I am a (select gender)
9. Date of birth then click the green button below and will appear like this article please enter your text and click register

10. After that, aka tone column to find friends, please find a list of friends on your email address if you do not skip this step on the writings skip this step which is located in the lower right
11. The second step input the name of your school, or university or employment then click continue and save, if you do not want to fill the click through,

12. Step three, put your photo that you have prepared on the computer click upload photos, like in the picture below, then save and continue

After you finish following the above steps so you are already registered as a member you can visiting on facebook.after that your friends and make some of their friends on fb .Now, you can know what is fb and you can enjoy the facility and participated in various superiority of facebook itself

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