earthquake in Turkey | photos & videos

A natural disaster occurred again on this earth quake of magnitude 7.2 on the scale turkey ritcher that which resulted in a lot of damage and casualties around 217 people reportedly have died. Epicenter is located in an area where the van that area there are 100 people died in place by the earthquake in Turkey. Van is a province in eastern Turkey. Most of the population are Kurds.

The earthquake that occurred on Sunday 23 October 2011 This is a most powerful earthquake in Turkey in recent years. Turkey, which is prone to earthquakes, was on some plates gempa.dari evacuation teams continue to conduct the search for victims and continue to help some people who need help because the house is damaged by the earthquake .still too many victims who are still trapped in collapsed buildings , so the evacuation teams continue to search until night
The following is the video of the earthquake in Turkey :

Viewing conditions are quite shake the turkey There are fears that the death toll could rise because many people are still trapped under buildings ambruk.untuk news about the earthquake in turkey will continue to monitor us, yet we continue to pray that the victim did not continue to grow and conditions Tukey State is getting better

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