Preventing and characteristic of coronary heart

Every human being has the desire to have a life that is always healthy, but after all humans are creatures who are far from perfect so it's extremely easy to develop of the most dreaded diseases is exposed heart attack. Today I will share information about how to prevent coronary heart disease and characteristic symptoms of the disease.

It could be said that heart disease is one disease that causes mortality.So that should never underestimate the disease since early because if we do not prevent could cost quite a lot to do his treatment. this is characteristic of coronary heart disease:

• Pain in the left chest
• Shortness of breath
• Irregular heart rhythm
• Cold sweat
• Nausea and vomiting

If today you do not want to experience attacks like the above. Here are some tips from me to prevent coronary heart disease since early:

1. Healthy eating
Avoid foods that contain lots of fat or high cholesterol. Seafood has a high cholesterol content which can harm the heart. Reduce eating fried foods that contain lots of fat, otherwise the food can be processed by boiling, steaming or baking. Fry using olive oil has a little fat so that it can be an option if the need to process food by frying.
2. Also avoid foods with high sugar content
such as soft drinks, try using corn sugar. Do not consume karbohirat tertalu many, because in the body, carbohydrates are broken down into fat. In contrast, consumption of oats or wheat that can help keep the heart healthy.
3. Maintaining ideal body image of being overweight
because a person who has a waist circumference greater than 80 cm, greater risk of developing this disease.
4. Stop smoking
Cigarette smoking is not good for heart health, then immediately stop this practice in order to stay healthy heart.
5. Avoid Stress
Stress is very difficult to avoid when living in big cities like Jakarta is known for its jams and preoccupations. When a person experiences stress, the body will release the hormone cortisol, which causes the blood vessels become stiff. Hormone norepinephrine to produce the body when suffering from stress, which may increase blood pressure. So, very good if you avoid the stress both in the office or at home.
6. Hypertension
Problem of hypertension or high blood pressure can also cause heart disease. Hypertension can injure the arterial wall and allows the channel to enter the arteries of LDL cholesterol and increase the accumulation of plaque.
7. Obesity
Overweight or obese increases the high blood pressure and abnormal fat. Avoiding or treating obesity or obesity is the main way to avoid diabetes. Diabetes accelerates coronary heart disease and increased risk of heart attack.
8. Exercise regularly
You can do sports activities such as walking, brisk walking, or jogging. Sports activities are competitive and not too much work to strengthen the heart and blood circulation throughout the body.
9. Consumption of antioxidants
Air pollution, motor vehicle fumes or smoke created the emergence of free radicals in the body. Free radicals can cause ulcers or deposits in blood vessels that can cause blockages. To remove the content of free radicals in the body, the need for antioxidants that will catch and throw. Antioxidants can be obtained from a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Thus the information from me about tips to prevent coronary heart disease and also cirri-cirinya.Semoga this information can provide new insights for you all and you can prevent heart disease since early this so you'll have a better life

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