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Nissan Juke. This time, Indonesia back to the presence of new products from Nissan with the elegant look of these named juke.Mobil Nissan compact crossover vehicle is the first issued by Nissan in a test event in June 2011 drive.Aproximattely is going to be able to juke Nissan car miliki.Let go on to you buy and take a closer look and clear about the price and specifications.

If we see from the design and appearance juke Nissan SUV showed that in a typical coherent with sportynya and also the impression of a more luxurious interior of this car sendiri.Kalau seen from messinnya Nissan juke use with 1500 cc engine, but there are also variants with 1600 cc is also equipped with an additional turbocharger.

If we look at the price of Nissan juke rewarded with several variants, among others: CVT 255 100 000 Juke, Juke RX. 265.1 million. And for more details we can see some juke Nissan specifications below:

CVT 1.5 CVT 1.5 RX
Type 4 CYL 1.5L DOHC Inline (HR15DE) 1.5L DOHC 4 CYL Inline (HR15DE)
Fuel System Fuel Injection Fuel Injection
Bore x stroke (mm) 78 x 78.4 78 x 78.4
Displacement (cc) 1498 1498
Max. Power (PS / rpm) 114/6000 114/6000
Max. torsion (Nm / rpm) 150/4000 150/4000

Once we saw the specifications and advantages Nissan juke ini.Kita would be interested and start thinking about immediately membelinya.Ngga have to wait longer if you all already mantab and convinced to buy it immediately.

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