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Download Firefox 4.A good news for you all a happy browsing using Mozilla Firefox .Because this time has released the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 4. so you all can directly obtain download firefox 4 that can be installed in your computer each masing.Mari we see several advantages over more than 4 firefox itself.As we all know a lot of additions and improvements in version 4 of this order to meet the convenience of users,

If we know firefox is the fastest browser after google chroom.But this time the look of firefox 4 is more dynamic and simple to facilitate its users in the view of tabnya mengaksesnya.Selain similar to the look of google chrome.

And here are some advantages or the latest features that appear in this 4 firefox:
Use the new Java Script Engine that is J├ĄgerMonkey Javasript Engine
Hardware-accelerated graphics support for playback of video and graphics. With this feature, the rendering process will be conducted by a qualified graphics card (VGA Card)
HTML5 (WebM Support for High Definition movie player). . HTML 5 is the new standard in multimedia and web applications (web apps)
Support a more complete CSS3 (Transitions, Rezising, Calc,-moz-any ())
XPCOM module that makes the process much faster Startup
Features WebScocket and Form Data
Panorama Features tab, this feature is useful to facilitate the organization's multiple tabs at once.
WebGL, WebM and HD Video
Do Not Track, to prevent tracking by advertisers.
Strict HTTP Transport Security (HSTS). This feature will create a secure connection and
preventing attacks and data theft.

You can get the download firefox 4 through its official website and you can also try firefox 4 in its beta version.

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