Skin Whitening. the Secret became famous people

Skin whitening industry in Asian and African countries is booming, with a plethora of skin whitening products to select from.

Skin whitening in Asia has its origins in China and Japan, where white complexion was seen as noble and aristocratic. Those rich enough could afford to stay indoors, while peasants that had to work outdoors got a dark complexion. In Africa can be traced back to the time of the African slave trade. Light-skinned slaves were usually given preferential treatment compared to their dark-skinned peers.

Studies have shown that African American men prefer light-skinned partners. Similar studies have also shown a clear link between light skin and better economic and social status.

Manufacturers of "SW+SS" skin whitening products have released figures from a recent research showing that sales of skin whitening products worldwide have doubled during the past years due to the increase of safe skin whitening products, like l glutathione based skin whitening soaps and creams.

With the advent of safe skin whitening products in the market, maybe the future is bright after all.

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