Considering Skin Whitening?

Are you thinking about skin whitening? Here are some things to consider.

Skin whitening has been in practice around the world for at least hundreds of years. While there are many different reasons people want to lighten the color of their skin, it's a personal choice that some will make and some won't.

Sometimes people get their skin whitened to have an effect on their social status, but other times it's to help correct skin problems like discoloration, blotches and uneven skin tone.

Some might say that this is all about vanity, about people just wanting to look better and feel good about themselves. What's wrong with that, though? Having clear, uniformly colored skin can go a long way to help with self-esteem.

With a high self-esteem, people feel more confident and as a result are capable of bigger and better things. So skin whitening might be connected to vanity, but it's not necessarily a terrible thing.

There are a lot of different skin whitening techniques and creams out there using a wide array of substances. Hydroquinone, mercury, arbutin, tretinoin, kojic acid and azelaic acid are some of the things used in some topical ointments for skin lightening.

Some of those don't sound that bad ... but Mercury? That's the stuff they use in thermometers and is highly toxic in the wrong doses! Are there alternatives if you want your skin whitened?

Lasers are also sometimes used in skin whitening, but with the technology available today, it's not a very consistent way to lighten your skin pigmentation. They've been known to cause problems, especially for people with a darker natural skin color.

Another, some might say safer, way to skin whitening is a side effect of L-glutathione. Glutathione inhibits the production of melanin, which causes a lightening of skin color. It sounds a lot safer than products that contain mercury.

Whether or not to lighten your skin color is a decision that shouldn't be made lightly. It should be a personal choice, though, not clouded too much by what other people might think.

You should still do your homework when thinking about having your skin whitened by any method. One idea is to try to go online and find other people who have had success with different methods of skin whitening.

To balance those people, you might also read about any people who may have had problems with various techniques at skin whitening. (Anyone have Michael Jackson's email?!)

Other people might have their thoughts and opinions about skin whitening, but when all is said and done, it's your choice as to whether or not it's something for you. Skin whitening can go a long way in helping people feel better about themselves.

And when people feel better about themselves, they tend to feel better about other people and the world in general, making it an easier place for all of us to live.

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