SMS Ucapan Natal dan Tahun Baru

SMS Ucapan Natal dan Tahun Baru
Bulan desember telah tiba. waktunya untuk kita menikmati akan indahnya dibulan2 tersebut, dibulan desember terdapat dua event penting yaitu hari natal dan akhir desember yaitu hari tahub baru.Dihari2 tersebut kita pasti akan saling memberikan ucapan melalui SMS.
berikut sedikit kumpulan sms ucapan natal dan tahun baru
#Koleksi SMS; Ucapan Selamat Natal (Merry Christmas) dan Tahun Baru (Happy New Year)#
Merry Christmas n Happy New Year to you n your family. May the spirit brings you joy n happiness, n wish you all the best for the coming year!

Hot tea! Specially 4 u mixed with 1 tsp. of love, 2 tsp. of joy, 3 tsp. of peace. Hope U feel the peace of X Mas! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God bless You & Family.

Merry XMas & Happy New Year.

Simple music can make U sing. Simple hug makes U feel better. Simple things can make U happy. Hope my Simple Merry XMas & Happy New Year will make U smile :)

I set up this XMas Tree just for u & family. It brings along Hope, Joy, Love & Peace. Merry XMas.

hi frenz, merry xmas n happy new yeal ye.. Smoga damai, semangat n sukacita natal ada pada kita untuk menghadapi tahun baru.

Selamat hari natal n tahun baru. Semoga rahmat dan damai Bayi Natal dilimpahkan di tengah keluarga, karya dan dalam pelayanan

Merry christmas, may Jesus always with U & family.

Bapa tlah brikan PutraNya untuk kita. Smoga damai n kebahagiaan slalu menyertai kita semua.. Merry CHristmas.. GOD LOVES U.

Sugeng wiyosan dalem sang Kristus tuwin warsa enggal. Mugi berkah dalem Gusti tansah lumeber dumateng panjenengan sakeluarganipun.

Merry XMas and Happy New Year. Natal membawa Damai, sukacita, pengharapan, dan berkatyang berkelimpahan, slalu menyertai keluarga dan pekerjaan kita sekalian.

Meri krismes.. sekalian taun baru deh :p

Hello, Ho Ho Ho, Merry XMas to u and your family. Let the joy be with U. GBU :)

Hohoho… Merry Christmas! My plend.. May thiz christmas bring u more hapPinez, joyfull, faithful, n pren pliz 4give me yah if i had mistaken
or disappointed u i’m really sorry. May christmas peace touch into our heart.. God bless u n ur fam.. Plends 4eva.. n have a wonderful christmas.. :)

Met natal. Moga2 terangNya memberkatimu dg buah hatimu tersayang.

celebrate.. celebrate.. CHRISTMAS.. Luph n peace be in your heart, dat’z where CHRIST lives.

Do u know what Christmas is? It’s Simple C-hrist H-as R-isen I-n S-pite T-he M-ost A-dverse S-acrifices, have a great christmat.. Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming.. Glorify Him.. be joy.. be merry.. wishing u a wonderful and blessed christmas. Merry XMAs

The spirit of Christmas is Joy. The message of Christmas is Hope. The meaning of Christmas is Love. May Joy, Hope, n Love be yours always.. Merry Christmas.

Today 24 dec, tomorrow 25 dec.
Days are so fast! so i wanna be the 1st 2 say “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

May the peace and love of God fill each day of your life and light your way through the New Year. Wishing you and your family His Blessing always. Merry Christmas and Happy NEw Year.

The Day has comes, that His love is staying in every heart all over the world. Brings us grace, peace, strength & new hope. Merry Christmas & happy new year. GBU

I’ve a special XMas gift 4 u: a glass of care, a plate of love, a spoon peace, a fork of trust n a bowl of prayer. Merry XMas 2 u n your family.

Christmas brings new hope in life. Let’s be the salt, let’s be the light. May we can bring hope to other’s life. Merry XMAs to you & family.

Naya Sal Mubarak Ho (India). Maligayang Pasko (Philipine). Seng tan Cukaheyo (Korea). Merry Xmast (English). Selamat Natal (Indo).

Naya Sal Mubarak Ho (India). Maligayang Pasko (Philipine). Seng tan Cukaheyo (Korea). Zen Tan Kwai Le (China) Merry Xmast (English). Selamat Natal (Indo).

Be a candle. Be a light. Be a twinkle in the dark. Be an inspiration & make a big difference in other’s heart! Merry Christmas.

Today is a wonderful opportunity to pray, to care, to love, to smile, to say.. Merry Christmas, JESUS bless you…

Semoga Terang Natal akan tinggal di Hati kita dan menjadi terang bagi keluarga. Serta sesama. Selamat Natal dan Tahun Baru.

Selamat pesta Natal n Tahun Baru.

I meet.. faith peace joy love.. they need place to stay, so i give them your address.. Hope they arrive at your home to celebrate happy Christmas with U.. GBU..

Klo Perancis: Joyeux Noel. Klo Yunani: Kala Christouyenna. Klo Jepang: Shinnen Omedetou. Klo Italia: Buone Feste Natalizie. Klo Aq: MerryX’mas Plendh.. May d peace n happiness of Christmas always b with u n ur famz.. GBU.. nb: better almost late than not at all, right? Hohoho…

Marry Christmas May God bless us now n 4ever. AMEN

Times goes by, every experience in life is a lesson, but love & care will always be the power to exist n survive. Merry Christmas n Happy New Year. GBU

The Magic of Christmas never ends and its greatest gifts are family n friends.. MERRY CHRISTMAS! GBU :)

The Magic of Christmas never ends and its greatest gifts are family n friends.. Merry Christmas n Happy New Yeear!! GBU :)

25 Dec. There’re lotta things i wanna to talk about, but this is SMS.. So lemme keep it short “MERRY CHRISTMAS! GBU ALWAYS”

Today is a wonderful opportunity 2 pray, 2 love, 2 care, 2 smile + 2 THANK GOD 4 all the blessings we received. Merry XMas & Happy New Year.

Just want 2 greet U. Merry Christmas. May the spirit of Christmas be with U.

Met Natal. Moga2 kebangkitanNya semakin menumbuhkan iman dalam diri kita semua.

Merry Christmas. May d joy of christmas be always with u. Lay keep in ur heart to enlight ur life. Merry x’mas. GBU

Love will make this life more beautiful and Hope will make u move forward.. So keep loving and have faith in ur hope :p Merry XMas

Telling you merry XMas. Have a happy XMAS.

Selamat merayakan Hari Natal. Semoga Damai selalu menyertai kita semua.

Hi2x! It’s Xmas day! Hopefully U have d greatest XMas ever in ur life. Jesus luvs u n so do I ^_^ God bless ya and ev1 u luv..

I am sorry for being late in sending you a very best wishes of Christmas. But i believe that Jesus Christ who was born newly in our heart, never be late in giving His blessings and graces to each of us especially to you who love and serve HIM. MERRY CHRISTMAS

nadtz_81 (12/25/2007 8:10:22 AM): I love you, You love me, We’re a happy family, with a great big hug, and a kiss from me to you, Won’t you say you love me TOO! I love you, You love me, We’re best friends like friends should be, With a great big hug, And a kiss from me to you, Won’t you say you love me too Melli Melli KLISMAS & Heppi Niu Year to YOU >:D<>

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